Lost River Holsters


Above left shown TTC configured for OWB carry, right handed draw, made of Kryptec Mandrake printed Kydex for a NAA Sidewinder

Now introducing the redesigned TTC Total Tactical Carry holster

Above center shown is a TTC configured for IWB carry, right hand draw, of black Kydex, for a NAA Black Widow with adjustable Sights

Neck Desert Tan

TTC Classic Coyote Brown

Custom Kydex holsters.

The SG holster was designed for those who have made the personal commitment to lawfully keep their arms close and ready to bear in defense a free State and People. Keeping that commitment may have just got a little easier and more comfortable too.

Double belt loops give greater compatibility with your choice of pants or slacks. Position the holster and thread on your belt it is that simple.

SG holster

Neck holster


The Neck holster is a very sturdy, simple little holster, economically priced and appreciated by many. 


The New design like the classic TTC is fully ambidextrous left or right handed draw holster for NAA revolvers.  The complete package still provides great versatility, carry your holster IWB, OWB and Neck.

but wait there is more !

Above right shown is a TTC configured as a neck holster of Blood red Kydex and eyelets, for a NAA 22 magnum

Above is the newly redesigned TTC made with Desert Tan Kydex for a North American Arms Sidewinder revolver

Neck T Shirt White

Ergonomic curve for increased comfort.